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Studwelding has been around since the 1930’s. It is used in an impressive array of industrial manufacturing and construction, from the kitchen sink (earth studs) to the anchor plates (shear connectors ) that secure the London Eye.

Drawn arc Stud Welding

The Drawn arc version is largely used for engineering studs and of course Shear Connectors.  Its smaller single phase sister is the Capacitor Discharge system used for thinner gauge steels and Studwelding is by no means merely holding a handtool ,loading and pressing the trigger. It is a complicated process which requires training and competence.

Although a semi-automated process a clear understanding is required for application, preparation and of course safety. Material type, orientation and latent defects are just a few of the considerations an operative must be trained in.

Thru-Deck Studwelding

Thru-Deck Studwelding as its name implies is the welding of shear connectors through galvanized floor deck onto structural steel. This process differs greatly in application and set up to for example Bridge Beams. Although safety is paramount to all operations, this discipline requires a greater level of safety training due to the environments the operatives find themselves in.

UKMDA is determined to standardise , improve and enforce where necessary the requirements  to deliver a product safely, cost effectively and to the highest standards possible. To ensure Industry are confident that a UKMDA member will have the correct training for the industry they are working in.

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