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Metal Decking

Metal Decking has been used in UK construction market for over 30 years in composite construction steel frame buildings.

The advantages of using composite design are:

  1. Savings of up to 50% in steel weight against non-composite design.
  2. Increased stiffness of composite beams allows them to be shallower than non-composite but giving the same span, thus resulting in lower floor heights and giving further savings in cladding costs.

Metal decking is made from galvanised sheeting and is cold formed from the required gauge into its various profiles where it then forms part of the structural integrity of the build system:

  1. With the use of Safety Netting for installation, it forms a safe working platform for the installers and at the same time giving protection to follow on trades below.
  2. It eliminates the costly and often problematic need for temporary propping.
  3. A composite steel deck coupled with the use of reinforcement mesh and bars, reduces the amount of concrete used in achieving the required tensile strength of the floor without the weight, whilst still giving the required fire resistance period.
  4. When coupled with thru deck stud welding the composite slab can be used to provide restraint to the steel beams.
  5. Is manufactured from sustainable resources of which 40% is re-cycled steel.
  6. Is a fast track method of building helping to achieve programme, cuts down on site craneage thus further reducing overall cost.
  7. Design In Metal Deck can be to British Standard or to Eurocode.

There are 3 main types of deck design used in the UK market are:

  1. Trapezoidal deck
  2. Re-entrant
  3. Slim deck

Details of the individual manufacturers can be found in the members section on the web site.

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