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We shall be publishing all useful updates on the current COVID-19 outbreak as and when we receive them.

7th April 2020

The UKMDA Site Checklist is now available for downloading using the link below.  For a Word version, please contact

UKMDA Coronavirus Site Checklist V1 0420


3rd April 2020

Further to the statement issued by UKMDA last week relating to metal decking and stud welding operations during the Covid-19 outbreak and the associated risk assessment, as noted, UKMDA met today to review the possibility of our members returning to construction sites whilst ensuring the safety of their workforce and associated people.

The committee reviewed site operating procedures (including CLC/Build UK’s) and the UKMDA Risk Assessment, including further possible controls that members and associated parties had identified.

The committee also agreed to produce a UKMDA Site Checklist in order to identify measures taken by Clients and Site Controllers which may assist our Members in returning to site. This will be published shortly.

UKMDA and it’s Members remain committed to returning to sites as soon as it is safe to do so.

To achieve this, our Members are working to identify, by site specific risk assessment, sites on which work can continue whilst ensuring the safety of the workforce. They will be contacting their clients directly to discuss their proposals.

UKMDA will continue to meet every Friday until further notice.


2nd April 2020

Build UK and the Construction Leadership Council release Version 2 of the Site Operating Procedures.

*** UPDATED – Build UK & CLC have withdrawn Version 2 for further review. ***

31st March 2020

Following the statement issued by the UKMDA on 25th March 2020, the members met virtually to discuss their off and on site activities with a view to seeing if the industry can work safely during the Covid-19 outbreak.  A risk assessment for these activities has been created which considers the Government advice on social distancing, as well as site practicalities such as manual handling and use of equipment.

As well as considering the health of Metal Decking and Studwelding operatives, the UKMDA were concerned about the health of others affected by their works, as well as the operatives’ families, many of whom are “key workers”.

Upon completing the risk assessment, which is available to download from the image below, the UKMDA Members concluded that they have no option but to cease works on site due to health and safety grounds.

The UKMDA Members will be meeting virtually over the coming weeks as the likelihood and risk profile changes in order to review up to date government and industry advice.  Any changes will be published on the news pages of the UKMDA website.

*** UPDATED – please see current and updated information in our more recent posts. ***

25th March 2020

The Board of the UK Metal Decking Association (UKMDA) has reviewed the Build UK/CLC document Site operating procedures – Protecting your workforce Found Here and the government information Full guidance on staying at home and away from others Found Here and its implications on metal decking and thru-deck stud welding operations in line with Health and Safety Regulations and law.

We have concluded that our members cannot continue to operate on sites as these procedures cannot be adhered to for the following reasons and they cannot comply with Health and Safety Law and Regulations:

The 2m rule cannot be adhered to in the following critical metal decking and stud welding operations:

  • handling short metal decking sheets of less than 2 m (2-man operation)
  • Joint lifting of long metal decking sheets as required for effective manual handling. (2-man operation)
  • Measuring and cutting sheets around columns and notches (2-man operation)
  • Correcting cover widths of sheets and fixing in place (2-man operation)
  • holding trim in position for fixing (2-man operation)
  • holding flashing in position for fixing (2-man operation)
  • cutting trims for corners (2-man operation)
  • offloading stud barrels for stud welding operations from stud welding rigs (2-man operation)
  • installation of safety nets from footed ladders (2-man operation)
  • rescue of a faller into a safety net (requiring close physical contact)
  • lifting of large safety nets when they are folded up (2-man operation)

Furthermore, with metal decking and stud welding operations being very specialist in nature, our Members workforce are not local to the sites they operate on. This necessitates the operative taking accommodation in hotels and guesthouses local to the sites they are working on, and they use restaurants and public houses to obtain meals. These are no longer available due to the Government enforced closures. The workforce is therefore having to travel excessive distances to site, often many hours, increasing road safety risks.

The UKMDA has therefore agreed that it is no longer possible to safely provide metal decking and thru-deck stud welding on UK sites until the strict restrictions that currently imposed by parliament for social distancing (2m) are removed or reviewed for construction work.

We understand that this will present issues on sites, but the safety and welfare of our members workforce and their families has to be paramount in these unprecedented times.

We thank you for your understanding.