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About Us

The UK Metal Decking Association is the single largest UK based trade body for the Metal Decking and Studwelding industry.

Started in 2015 by the leading companies in the composite metal flooring and studwelding industry, it now represents over 95% of the Metal Decking and Studwelding Industry in the UK by volume, and over 80% of the companies involved in the sector. Our members install over five million square metres of metal decking and over twenty million shear connectors per year, in sectors as varied as Construction, Petro-Chemical and Power Generation.

Our objective is to create an accident free environment whilst setting high standards and levels of quality within our industry. The industry identified that there was a need for authoritative guidance, training and qualifications for the specialist trades concerned, drawing from the industry experts within our membership. We provide the industry with guidance and information on the good practice expected of bona-fide contractors and suppliers, and we audit our members to ensure that they meet or exceed these standards.

We are setting the standard required for safety training, occupational qualifications and environmental performance by working closely with industry bodies such as CSCS, CITB, HSE, UKCG and training experts.

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